ZeroPi provides its analytics expertise to governments and large organizations around the world that need to better understand their customers for targeted communications and increased engagement.  Customers include:

  • Canadian political parties – using analytics to win elections.
  • Policy – finding optimum solutions for health care, urban planning, education and other government services
  • Large retail customers that need sophisticated analytical tools to understand in-store buying habits in real time and target in-store communications to increase sales
  • Mobile, addressableTV and Digital out of Home media providers who want to deliver personalized, targeted information to consumers in real time.

The company holds its own patents and patent pending technologies in the field of analytics applied to retail environments.

ZeroPi’s solutions are designed from the ground up to release no Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  The company is so committed to protecting individual privacy that we have written it right into our name – ZeroPi (Zero Personally Identifiable information).